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FOG  was formed in 2000 as a society without an executive, constitution or fees, to offer an informal opportunity to share the joys and agonies of owning and using our own Fishers.  Our boats may not be big, or new, but we are mighty pleased with our them and with ourselves.

FOG maintains five distinct registries:

Eastern-  the Eastern seaboard from Florida to Newfoundand

Western -  the Western seaboard incl. Alaska and Texas
Associate - members of the mother group: Fisher Owners Association

"Other" - owners from all over the world
Former Foggers & Friends - those who were members and left the fold, or who want a Fisher

FOG  tries to do these things:

maintain a list of Fishers and their owners in each region  See latest FOG News
orchestrate annual rendevous and meetings in various locations  e.g. Special Report on the 2004 Conference, Roche Harbor event Sept 2005, Friday Harbor June 2006, Genoa Bay Rendevous September 2006, Otter Bay June 2008, Brentwood Bay June 2010
maintain contact with the English builder, and other Fisher clubs
offer a Bulletin Board for parts and service information
  (The group "fisherowners" http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fisherowners/ has been established on Yahoo.

*NOTE    FISHERS FOR SALE  offers a listing service for Fishers for owners and potential new buyers


FOGBLOG will help keep you connected and informed about FOG: http://fisherowners.blogspot.com/
FOG links

Fisher Owners Association (U.K.)

Netherlands FisherClub

The New Fisher International.  A history and a new beginning

Banjer 37 Club (a wealth of information related to motorsailers)

Momentum is a 30' Fisher that has undergone extensive restoration.  It is now offered for sale...
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                   Animated Knots
Here is an historical item: a Fisher Brochure from 1975/76:


 Advance Notice

FOG West Coast Rendezvous,  Port Sidney Marina, Vancouver Island, June 2-4, 2017

Send in your ideas for the best Fog Rendezvous ever!  Contact:  Donald Hamilton  donaldhamilton@shaw.ca

All Fisher Owners and Friends are welcome!  Join the Group! 
Contact:  Donald Hamilton  donaldhamilton@shaw.ca


FALL 2016